Friday, June 7, 2013

Dennis Cope

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Dennis Cope

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  1. Hello Dennis, I bought one of the early dual radiator 302 V8 Trikes with trailer on E-Bay about 3 years ago I was going to restore it as Dick Allen was a friend of mine and we both lived in So. Bay Ca . I remember when Dick took his trike out and burned rubber it gave me goose bumps and I knew someday I would have one. I been doing some research on these V8 Trikes and a lot of old school builders were in on it including You, Ed Roth, Leon Daily, Dick Allen, Eugene Jones who just won 1st place with his at the Bellflower 2013 car show. These (some people call them American Cruisers Trikes) will never go out of style and I hope to complete mine. Wally (Wolfman) Pearson